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Year of production:2012

Running Time: 10:33 min

Directed by German Rodriguez

The end result of a 24 hour film contest. I had the pleasure of working with an incredible production team, not to mention the joy of working and performing with the generous and taleted Christian Cambell.

Year of Production: 2012

Written and Directed by Leigh Poulos and Hannah Vaughn

This is the teaser trailer sent out by the creators of the incredibly successful webseries Dates Like This.

The lead character ask for submissions from prospective dates, and this is my character Jessie's submission. Had such a fantastic time working with these talented self starting artists. An Inspiration!

Dates like this. 



Scratch'n'Win $3 Game night

Lotterywest WA

Year of Production: 2015

Directed by Renee Webster

Three part commercial for Lotterywest.

Seriously a joy to shoot. Actors, Director, Production= Utterly perfect.



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