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Brunch Lady

An interactive solo clown act pondering (whilst sipping a mimosa) the pressures of keeping up appearances.  


“Forgoing avo on toast for brunch once a week and you’ll save for your deposit in ... 175 years! .... “ Brigid Delaney.


We parade about with delusions of grandeur, in a climate where we are willing to overlook the cost, both personal and societal for the appearance of having everything now. It’s official, brunch has been condemned as an extravagant excess, but here we are happily munching away our hangover on Sunday morning anyway, unable to afford our lives, but content in our denial.

Until today.

Brunch Lady will ensure your late morning meal will never be quite the same again…

pray it wasn’t you who ordered the avocado on toast.


The Trepidation of the Tower Traipsing Troglodytes



The Trepidation of the Tower Traipsing Troglodytes Premiered at the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe Festival and is Theatre Bang Bangs first production. It was specifically designed for one of C-Venues 'Found Spaces, which we were able to transform for the duration of the Festival. It was then re-realised in a much larger space for the 2016 Perth Fringe Festival.


The Troglodytes live alone in an attic, never leaving the confines of those four walls. Living away from society the two have formed their own specific way of communicating, their own daily rituals, which though simple in task, are inexplicably unachievable.

Completely isolated from the outside world, their only connection to humanity is the internet, where they are happily lost amidst YouTube wormholes, online shopping, and entertaining social media. Every day is much like the one before, except today: an audience surprises them. How will they react?

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